Company Law Questions


  1. Define a company, what are its characteristics?
  2. What is corporate veil? When can it be lifted?
  3. What is the difference between partnership & joint stock company
  4. What is the difference between public company & private company
  5. Explain the following:
    1. Foreign company
    2. Government company
    3. One Man company
    4. Illegal Association
    5. Public Financial Institutions
    6. Association not for profit
  6. Explain the steps for the formation of a company
  7. “A certificate of Incorporation is conclusive evidence”. Discuss
  8. “A company cannot enter into a contract before it has come into existence” comment.
  9. “Memorandum of association is a charter of the company” discuss.
  10. Can the contents of Memorandum of Association be changed” elaborate & explain the provisions.
  11. Explain the doctrine of Indoor management & state its exceptions.
  12. Write short notes on the following:
    1. Abridged prospectus
    2. Shelf prospectus
    3. Red-herring prospectus
    4. Deemed prospectus
    5. Statement in lie of prospectus
  13. What is a prospectus? Who are liable for mis-statements in a prospectus? Explain the civil & criminal liability for such mis-statement?
  14. Write short notes on the following:
    1. Irregular Allotment
    2. Minimum subscription
    3. Lien on shares
    4. Buy back of shares
  15. What is the difference between shares & stock?
  16. What is the difference between share warrants & share certificates?
  17. Difference between Transfer & Transmission of Shares.
  18.  Explain the cases when a company can refuse registration of transfer?
  19.  Discuss the provision of law relating to the appointment of Directors, Alternative directors and additional directors?
  20. “A director cannot enter into a contract with the company”?
  21.  Explain the powers & responsibilities of Directors?
  22.  What is the procedure for removing a director?
  23.  Discuss the borrowing power of a company?
  24.  Explain the different types of Meetings along with the provisions?
  25. Write short notes on the following
    1. Resolutions
    2. Proxy
    3. Minutes
    4. Agendum
    5. Notice

21 thoughts on “Company Law Questions

  1. sir pls give the answers along with questions and pls tell us of important cases also , so that it becomes easier 2 us in studying .

  2. sir please explain the three question
    1 doctrine of indoor management
    2 a director can enter into contract or not
    3 irregular allotment

  3. Thank u very much sir for these questions. it will prove to be very helpful for us for preparing for exams.

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